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Santa Muerte Grim Reapress Ring

$200.00 USD

• Santa Muerte is a folk saint known as the Grim Reapress or the Lady of Holy Death. She is a talisman representing the personification of death and is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees (who are often seen as outcasts). She carries the scythe for safe passage & the owl represents her ability to navigate the darkness

• The Santa Muerte Owl & Roses Ring was hand carved in wax, a mold was made of the original & then reproductions are cast in a third generation owned local foundry in the US. The rings are available in brass, sterling, white bronze or 14K gold

• Available with sapphire, ruby, garnet, black Swarovski or emerald owl eyes

• Message us for sizes not listed or other gem options/prices

• Please allow 3-4 weeks


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