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Heyltje Rose is the brand owned and operated by Heyltje Rose Bond, jewelry designer, leather smith, vintage lover and hoarderAt Heyltje Rose we have two methodologies: the one-off pieces and the 'collections'. Some found objects beg to be incorporated as an accessory - we embellish them & offer them a pedestal on which to shine. Then again, some ideas can't be refused either. This is when a concept is translated into leather, metal, or carved wax that will end up being cast. These pieces are made in the US in limited editions.

Heyltje can thank her whole lineage for her gifts. Her first name is from her Dutch grandmother & means ‘of the heavens’. Her father was a machinist with a fondness for vintage cars, and her mother was a borderline hoarder who saw value in things that others would discard. Because of this, Heyltje spent most of her younger years with her dad in the garage or at car shows and in the depths of antique stores and junkyards with her mom. As she grew older, it was increasingly common for Heyltje to either modify or scratch-make items to her liking.

Once Heyltje graduated high school, she attended Bard College with a major in art history and minor in studio art. Post-college, she found her niche by combining her love for vintage automobiles & motorcycles with antiques, fashion, and lowbrow culture. After seeing a seat on a custom bike that Indian Larry built, she couldn’t resist dabbling in leather. The quality of the tooling by Paul Cox and the well-worn leather grips fueled her desire to learn leather smithing. Starting off with clothing accessories (belts, cuffs & handbags), she soon graduated to seats and bags for custom motorcycles, eventually expanding her skill set to include casting & metalworking as well.

Heyltje’s work can be seen on bikes built by Eastern Fabrications, Indian Larry Legacy, West Coast Choppers, Choppers Inc and SLNYC. Her work has also been featured in Dice Magazine, Vibes, Inked, Elle UK, Marie Claire, and Curve. And some of her recognizable clients include Willie G Davidson, Karen Davidson, Joe Perry, Pat Simmons, Blasko, Jamie Nelson, David Grohl, and Tod Waters. She has also designed limited edition belt buckles for Harley Davidson & Junker Designs and fabricated accessories for a film short by Alexander Hankoff.

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